The Story of nothing

another decaying mix of carbons and memories.

i am not sorry for the way i love you.

i am sorry for being that messy.for not being “serious”,”stable” and constant.i am sorry for your confusion and hurt,for not loving you the way you want me to.i am sorry for making you feel insecure,for not fitting into the image u are drawing.for i am not to be drawn,i am not stable nor…

ياسمين حمدان - بلاش تبوسني في عينيا 


4 years old Buster Keaton with his parents in a show

“It’s nobody’s fault is it? Well, that’s human nature. Why do we call anyone to answer for anything. Or these laws are either imprinted in us or not. Who is the sinner? Does sin even exist? We have situations, we have nerves, we have desires, we have bodies. Isn’t that so?”

—   Almanac of fall - Bela Tarr  

“Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.”

—   Mae West